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5 Meeting Spaces in PJ and KL With A Different Vibe

Studies have shown that a different environment can lead to a more creative output for your meetings. A different physical environment challenges the status quo. A cafe might make people less straight jacketed than an office meeting room. A place with bright colours boosts creative ideation. High ceilings allow people’s ideas to soar higher. Physical props to interact with and move about to activate multiple senses (it’s called Embodied Cognition, if you want to read it up)

All these led us to look to suggest these 5 places as different sort of meeting space for your next corporate event.

Jao Tim

Jao Tim operates within a heritage building located at Jalan Sultan. The owners have refurbished this space and restored it back to perhaps beyond it’s former glory. The timber and the bricks are original, and that means, it is over a 100 years old. The ceiling is so high that there’s even a space for a mezzanine floor. The space is equipped with a projector with a motorised wall hung projector screen.

Rates begin at RM3,000 for 3 hours use.

Plot Bangsar Lounge

The Plot Bangsar Lounge is a creation of the multiple award winning PDI Design agency. And this place oozes class and elegance. The lounge is located right along Jalan Maarof, making this place easy accessible from all parts of KL. It’s a split level space with a bar section on the lower level. The upper level has sitting and discussion area. There’s also an outdoor area for those who want to take a whiff of air outside.

Rates begin at RM2,500 for 5 hours use.

Plot PJ

The Plot PJ is the sister venue of Plot Bangsar. And it’s certainly a different looking sister. Plot PJ boasts a space that is washed in natural light and a very high ceiling. The minimalist look of the space would keep your attendees glued on the task at hand. But the greens around it help to rest the eyes too. Its location at Jalan Utara PJ makes it very easy to get to. It also has a foyer area for your guests to move around.

Rates begin at RM1,500 for 5 hours use.

Will You Cafe Oasis Damansara

This is a cafe unlike any other. Or a meeting space unlike any other. Or a library unlike any other. It’s not easy to classify Will You Cafe. Decked out in wooden book shelves, Will You Cafe has a very Scandivanian look. There’s a stage equipped with a HDMI projector, a professional sound system, and overhead TVs that are linked to the projector too.

Rates begin at RM1,100 for 5 hours use.

The Playground Event Space

Don’t let the name of The Playground Event Space fool you. Yes, it is a gym but it’s also great corporate meeting or training space. All it needs is for you to imagine the possibilities. Have a brainstorming meeting, and have some exercises worked in to your session. Work those arm and leg muscles, while cranking up your brainpower. The Playground is equipped with a ceiling hung projector and projector screen. And the boxing ring makes for an interesting stage.

Rates begin at JUST RM600 for 2 hours use.

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