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Service type : Birthday Party, Corporate Party, Meet Ups
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Cooked Global

With Cooked Global launched in March 2016, owner – Jason Manson enlightened how their objective is to fundamentally change the way people eat, and the nutritional profile of the world. The event service offers great food, outstanding service and a constant creative drive which are what set them apart, and why the team at Cooked Global come to work every day. The food they serve comes from a spectrum of Asian to Western cuisines from a myriad of food renowned cultures. They’re well-known to be specialised in delivering Freshly cooked meals and you can choose for an on-demand delivery service or pre-order as per your convenience. One of their house specialties would be the Katsu Curry with Japanese Tea Egg, Pickled Vegetables and Japanese Rice. Their dishes vary from many parts of the world such as India, Jamaica, Italian as well as International cuisines.

Cooked Global Package – Menu A
RM15/box (Choose one box)
-Ayam Masak Merah With Malay Style Vegetables and Tomato Rice
-Ayam Penyet With Malay Style Vegetables, Deep Fried Tempeh and Beancurd And Rice
-Ayam Perchik With Salted Egg, Malay Style Vegetables and Fragrant Rice
-Chinese Style Vegetarian Fried Rice With Asian Styles Vegetables
-Creamy Chicken Mushroom Stew With Butter Vegetables And Peas Rice
-Grilled Ayam Penyet With “Sambal Vegetables”, Spicy Sambal Sauce And Rice
-Grilled Teriyaki Chicken With Asian Style Vegetables Chawan Mushi And Short Grain Rice
-Indian Butter Chicken With Chickpeas Mushroom Masala And Ghee Rice
-Malay Style Vegetarian Fried Rice With Deep Fried Tempeh And Beancurd
-Malay Style Vegetarian Fried Rice With Deep Fried Tempeh And Beancurd
-Mashed Potato With Grilled Cajun Chicken And Oven Roasted Vegetables
-Penne Arrabiata With Oven Roasted Vegetables 
-Penne Arrabiatta With Grilled Peri Peri Chicken And Roasted Herb Vegetables 
-Stir Fried Kung Po Chicken Asian Style Vegetables With Garlic Rice 
-Thai Chicken Basil With Pad-Prik Vegetables And Fragrant Rice
-Thai Red Chicken Curry With Lychee, Pad-Prik Vegetables And Fragrant Rice 
-Vegetarian Masala Vegetables With Ghee Rice And Cucumber Mint Raita

Cooked Global Package – Menu B
RM24/box (Choose one box)
-Grilled Atlantic Salmon With Citrus Salsa And Coconut Bean Peas Rice
-Grilled Atlantic Salmon With Citrus Salsa, Spicy Bean Salad And Herb Baby Potato
-Grilled Red Snapper With Tomato Beurre Blanc, Ratatouille Vegetables And Thyme Potato
-Grilled Tikka Tiger Prawn With Mango Raita, Mushroom Chickpea Masala And Briyani Rice 
-Slow Baked Salmon With Truffle Mashed Potato And Buttered Vegetables 
-Teriyaki Salmon With “Chawan Mushi” And Teppan Vegetables 
-Thai Red Snapper Fish Curry With Mango Served With Pad-Prik Vegetables And Fragrant Rice 

Cooked Global Package – Menu C
RM20/box (Choose one box)
-Indian Butter Chicken With Masala Vegetables And Savory Biryani Rice
-Jamaican Jerk Chicken With Pineapple Salsa And Coconut Bean And Peas Rice
-Oven Roasted Peri-Peri Chicken With Bean Salad And Oven Roasted Potato 
-Oven Tandoori Chicken With Cucumber Mint Raita, Curry Vegetables And Ghee Rice
-Spaghetti Aglio E Olio With Mushroom Served With Grilled Cajun Chicken And Truffle Jus 
-“Katsu Curry” Cooked Style with Japanese Tea Egg Pickled Vegetables and Japanese Rice

Event Service

Cooked Global delivers on the assurance of pleasant flavours and guarantee that the portions served are worth for the price people are paying for. They currently deliver to various areas in the Klang Valley. This event service is suitable for events like a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding function, lunch party, seminar, as well as other private functions.

Service Area

Cooked Global is based in Kuala Lumpur and mainly service events and delivers throughout Klang Valley.