De'Laman Event Space

Event type : Annual Dinner, Baby Shower, Bachelor party, Birthday Party, Fashion Shows, Full Moon Party, Gathering, Kids Party, Pre-Wedding Party, Press Conference, Product Launch, ROM, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Party, Wedding Proposal, Wedding Reception, Wedding Venue
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De’laman Event Space

De’laman Event Space is a three-storey building that has been renovated into a function hall located in Shah Alam. Since it starts it’s operation in December 2016, De’laman Event Space has hosted numerous large events involving up to a thousand guests. The affordable packages offered will surely be a friendly to your pocket.


De’laman Events Space is suitable for various events and events such as weddings, prayers event, solemnization, product launches, birthday events, seminars, fashion shows, corporate training and events and so much more.

Event Space

As the high ceilings provide a lot of natural lighting, this hall is ideal for a selfie with the bride and groom. 🙂 De’laman Events Space provides various facilities such as air-conditioned hall room, caterer service, surau, stage, lounge, PA system, screen, projector, canopy, cinema and more. It can accommodate up to 1000 guests inside and outside the hall.

Venue Rental
Weekdays (Mon – Fri)
RM200 / hour

Weekends (Saturday – Sunday)
RM3000 / day

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    RM70 per pax for 100 pax = RM 5,000.00
    RM45 per pax for 200 pax = RM 7,000.00

    RM120 per pax for 50 pax = RM 4,000
    RM70 per pax untuk 100 pax = RM 5,000

    Wedding with Multi Camera Production
    RM35 per pax for 1,000 pax = RM 33,000
    RM55 per pax for 500 pax = RM 25,500
    RM80 per pax for 300 pax = RM 22,000
    RM110 per pax for 200 pax = RM 20,000

    RM26 per pax for 1,000 pax = RM 24,000
    RM40 per pax for 500 pax = RM 18,000
    RM60 per pax for 300 pax = RM 16,000
    RM80 per pax for 200 pax = RM 14,000

    Akikah, Berendoi
    RM48 per pax for 100 pax = RM 4,080.00 (without whole roast lamb)
RM62 per pax untuk 100 pax = RM 5,580.00 (with whole roast lamb)
    RM70 per pax for 100 pax = RM 6,300.00 (with 2 whole roast lamb)
    RM40 per pax for 200 pax = RM 7,200.00 (with whole roast lamb)
    RM45 per pax for 200 pax = RM 8,100.00 (with 2 whole roast lamb)

    Food Menu
    Nasi Putih 50% / Nasi Minyak Atau Nasi Hujan Panas 50% (Choose One)
    Gulai Lemak Daging Salai / Daging Gulai Kawah / Kari Ayam / Masak Lemak Nenas Ikan Masin / Kurma Daging (Choose One)
    Ayam Goreng Berempah /Ayam Masak Merah/Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi
    (Choose One)
    Sayur Campur/ Acar Jelatah / Dalca / Pajeri Nenas (Choose One)
    Buah 2 Jenis (Tembikai and Oren) Sirap Ais Dessert Corner Teh O / Kopi O
    Kuih Melayu 2 Types


    Birthdays, Reunion, Product Launch,
    Fashion Show

    RM48 per pax for 100 pax = RM 4,080.00
    RM28 per pax for 200 pax = RM 5,040.00
    RM23 per pax for 300 pax = RM 6,210.00

    Food Menu
    Kuew Tiaw Goreng
    Mee Goreng/Beehoon Mee Goreng Mamak
    (Choose 2)

    Free Sirap Drink
    Serimuka/ Kuih Nona / Karipap (Choose 2)
    Coffee and Teh O
    Moist Kek 100 Pieces



    Delaman Event Space is located at No 11 Jalan Riyal U3/37 Ipar3 Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam. There are ample parking around the event space vicinity.