Franco KL Pavilion

Event type : Birthday Party, Dinner Party, Meet Ups
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Franco KL Pavilion

Franco is yet another restaurant brand of the AUMH Group. This is the same group that has brought Quiznoz and establishments like Ohla, Providence and Rootz to Kuala Lumpur. Franco KL Pavilion is one of the 8 Franco outlets found throughout the Klang Valley. Franco KL Pavilion and all its outlets serve French Japanese fusion cuisine.

Cuisine at Franco

What’s that you ask? It’s taking pastries like soufflés and infusing it with Japanese sensibility and ingredients. Matcha soufflés, Berries Cheesecake Parfaits, Squid Ink Pasta, that sort of thing. Just in case you might think that squid ink is not for your palate, you ought to give it a try. Your guests might like it too. If you are tired of doing events at the familiar Western and Chinese restaurants, then Franco KL Pavilion offers an alternative to your event’s food choice.


Franco KL Pavilion is located on Level 6 of KL Pavilion. That’s the floor where many restaurants are as well. Getting to KL Pavilion is easy as long as you don’t pick to go there during the height of rush hour. In fact don’t go anywhere during rush hour. And we are always very happy with the parking at KL Pavilion, which have the widest berths in town.

Exclusive on VMO

Menu option for groups of 10 pax or more at Franco

Menu A – RM25 per pax Menu B – RM35 per pax
– Iced Coffee

– Minestrone Soup

Choice of one main course
– Arabiatta
– Spaghetti Yumeina
– Souffle AuFranco

Choice of one main course:
– Chicken Teriyaki
– Squid Ink Pasta
– Pescatora

– Light & Airy Souffle Vanilla

– Light & Airy Souffle Vanilla

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