Jothi's Face Painting & Henna Art

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Jothi’s Face Painting & Henna Art

Ran out of idea on what to do with your next big party / celebration? Looking for something different and unique that can add a special touch to a special occasion? What about a custom art piece for each of your guest on their face / hands? Be it a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, children’s party, family day, community event, Halloween party or celebration of any sort, Jothi’s Face Painting & Henna Art service is sure to boost up the fun element in your event with a lasting impression. Interesting and creative designs are available for your guests of all ages to choose from. Jothi uses products which are safe for face and skin and service is fast and professional. Minimum 4 days advance booking required.


Face Painting
2 hours : RM300
3 hours : RM380
4 hours : RM460
5 hours : RM550

Henna Art
2 hours : RM350
3 hours : RM430
4 hours : RM510
5 hours : RM600

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