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The fever of football’s World Cup starts to heat up, football lovers from every corner of the world anticipate and enjoy the best national team on the planet competing against each other for an entire month.

And also its the time fo you to organise a gathering with your friends and family for this once every 4 years celebration!

You favourite team’s match is in the wee hours? Not a problem, here are the event spaces in Klang Valley where you can host your World Cup celebration event

The Gasket Alley

The Gasket Alley is a curated event space where the team consist of community of start-up entrepreneurs, creatives and techies helping people to host extraordinary events. This brick-and-mortar space has since been a trove showcasing their shared tastes, beliefs and visions to inspire all.

Rates begins at RM5,500.

TBFX Citta Mall

TBFX Citta Mall is not just all beer. There are some fun and games to be had there as well. With two electronic dartboards, a beer pong table, and a pool table – combined with beer – you can see that there will be very many laughing moments when you have your event at TBFX Citta Mall.

Rates begins at RM988 for 15-20 pax

The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium, a space where you can imagine what you want it to be. OK, that’s not quite what this space is but it’s perhaps not far from it. It’s actually a jazz bar within One Utama by night but by day, the space here can be transformed into an event venue for a variety of events.

Rates begins at RM4,000 for 4 hours usage.

Fred’s One Utama

As you enter Fred’s One Utama, the first thing that grabs you is the bar counter. The rounded edges diffusing the hard liquor served from behind the counter. And just in case you miss it, the curved lightbox draws your attention back to it. Fred’s One Utama serves non-halal cuisine, so expect pork galore! Salad with pork, pasta with pork, and pizza with pork! Their pork laden pizzas are among the best New York styled pizzas in town.

Rates begins at RM1,800 for 30 pax event.

The Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll’s classic “ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” has spawned many a wild thought & dream. And it’s not just movies. Particle physicist often like to use the analogies of the book to help draw an understanding to their work. And now the mind that given birth to tbf has also drawn inspiration from this classic work to give KLites The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole is a dine, drink and dance establishment which is conceived, designed and build around inspirations of well-known fantasy narratives of Alice in Wonderland & Narnia Chronicles.

Minimum spending begins at RM10,000.