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Throw An Epic Year End Party With These Places!

We know, we know, its only October. Why are we even doing talking about year end party.

Well, why not? 😉

Mental and emotional health is important too you know, so plan to have fun ahead of time.

Throw an epic year end party with these places and we wanna suggest some theme and games for you too!

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Union Roastery

Location : Citta Mall Ara Damansara
Maximum Capacity : 120 Pax
Menu : Starts From RM35+ (Minimum 50 pax)
Great feature : Beautiful deco inside, nice coloured lighting, cute palm tree inside. It’s also inside a mall, can go watch movie after party

Ideal for : Taking pictures for your insta! Colors everywhere. 🙂

Party Idea : Have a Californian theme party. They already have the palm tree inside the cafe. Or even hold a coffee party, the coffee in smells incredible, its about time to give thanks to drinks that keeps you awake for work!

The Avenue

Location : Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya
Maximum Capacity : 150 Pax
Rental Rate : Starts From RM1,300 (6 Hours)
Great feature : High ceiling, glass wall, chandeliers, amazing view, overall classy vibe

Ideal for : DIY Party, they provide banquet tables and chiavari chairs, but apart from that, you can bring your own caterers, decorator, etc. External vendor surcharge is only RM300.

Party Idea : Decade Party! Decades is always a fun and popular theme. The costume, the music, the slang! Oh how fun! Here’s some decade we can think of, “Awesome 80s”, “Swinging 60s”, “2000s Babies”.

Mandala Cafe & Bar Publika

Location : Solaris Dutamas
Maximum Capacity : 60 Pax
Menu : Starts From RM60 (Minimum 50 pax)
Great feature : Beautiful deco inside, 20 pax private room equipped with a SmartTV

Ideal for : Small gathering, 40 pax event

Party Idea : Why not throw a henna party here. Everyone can choose to have either mandala drawn or any other design. Hey, we can also provide the henna artist for you! Check our henna artist Jothi Out!

Portofino Bangsar South

Location : Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur
Maximum Capacity : 100 Pax
Menu : Starts From RM68 (Minimum 50 pax)
Great feature : Glass wall, nice view, fancy feeling with good event menu price.

Ideal for : An intimate party with the team at work. Relaxing after a year of hard work!

Party Idea : Play a party game, “Who am i…” Write the names of celebrities on index cards. When each guest arrives pin a card onto the back of their shirt, so they cannot see who is written on the card.
Every guest gets a card and they must mingle and ask other guests questions to try and figure out who they are.

Fred’s One Utama – Non Halal

Location : Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur
Maximum Capacity : 80 Pax
Menu : Starts From RM60 (Minimum 30 pax)
Great feature : Wine bar, luxurious seats

Ideal for : Glamorous gathering!

Party Idea :Fred’s One Utama is ideally suited for film noir styled event where everyone comes dressed in period costumes. Think a film noir classic like the Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep. Some added smoke effect from a smoke machine would make you think you have been transported back to an era gone by.

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