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VMO’s Top Pick For Buka Puasa Places

If you’re planning for a place to bring your friends, family, neighbours and workers for buka puasa, here’s some of VMO’s top pick.

You want Malay Indo food? Thai fine dining? Western? Also got one, don’t you worry, we got your back!

Will You Cafe Oasis Village

There’s something lovely about dining in a place like Will You Cafe Oasis Village. Could it be the smell of books? Could it be the smell of the wood finishes surrounding the cafe? Or its just the combination of both smell and aesthetic. We’re not sure, but we LOVE it! Imagine berbuka puasa in a mini library. Sooo dreamy..

Surau : Yes, located at the top floor of the cafe
Capacity : 70 pax

Langkasuka Gallery

Have you ever berbuka puasa in a gallery? This is the opportunity you can take to do so. It’s a gallery, and theres even some of the exhibition piece on the wall so while waiting for the time to break the feast, why dont you let your eyes and mind feast first to the exhibition pieces.

Surau : Yes, just behind the Gallery
Capacity : 370 pax

Piazza Space at Oasis Village

Piazza Space at Oasis Village is all about thinking outside of the box. This space has a few different sections which can be used for your buka puasa session if you have smaller pax, or just take the whole place if you have bigger groups. Piazza Space at Oasis Village also has a walkaway in the middle with 4 grown trees in the piazza itself. Oh, we should mention that there is also a water feature just in front of the piazza!

Surau : Yes, upstairs
Capacity : 350 pax and above

Dancing Fish Bangsar

Dancing Fish Bangsar is not here to ask you to dance, it just wants your taste bud to dance to the aroma and spices that they are using for the food. Dancing Fish serves Malay Indo food and the name is inspired by the very yummy looking crispy fish that is nicely fried making it looks like its dancing

Surau : Yes, in a mall
Capacity : 100 pax

Rama V

Rama V is our last pick on where you can have your buka puasa session. Why not a thai fine dining restaurant? This space is also equipped with projector and sound system. Rama V has also been constantly on TimeOut KL’s Food Awards shortlists for Best Thai Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, featuring in it in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. So where the food part is concerned, there’s little to worry about.

Surau : They will provide a praying room
Capacity : 220 pax