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Glasshouse Event Spaces For Wedding Or Any Kind of Party!

Raise your LEFT hand if you’re tired of traditional event spaces like hotels and banquet hall!

Raise your RIGHT hand if you like traditional event spaces like hotels and banquet hall!

No one is raising hands right now cause no one is crazy enough to raise hand in front of electronical device while reading this. LOL

But if we can, we’ll raise both hands cause the VMO team likes all kind of event spaces, banquet hall, convention center, rooftop, glasshouse, cafe, outdoor garden, you name it and we like them all (We do not practice favouritism on our babies)

But today, let’s look into one specific event space type. The type that makes the left hand raisers smile with anticipation (we hope)!


Ahhh, what can we say about glasshouse. There’s so many about it that makes us filled with joy.

The fact that it allows natural sunlight in any event, giving great picture opportunity. Girls especially, your highlighter iz gon’be poppin’ under all that light, I iz not kiddin’!

And if by luck, it’s raining during your event, even better, consider yourself surrounded by waterfalls as the rain drops against the glass window and ceiling. How romantic is that?

Glasshouse makes the event space looks fun, beautiful as its almost like you’re in together with your surrounding and not confined to walls.

Now, lets take a look at 4 of the glasshouse event spaces around Klang Valley, perfect for all kind of event, such as wedding, annual dinner, birthday or just any celebration of life!


I mean… just look at it!

This is it, this is exactly where modern day Alice in Wonderland would have her tea party with her friends. It’s colorful, it’s cosy, it’s intimate.

Location : Jalan 51A, PJ
Minimum Spend : RM3,000


This is a combination of rooftop, poolside, outdoor, glasshouse. And mind you, all this combination is done tastefully.

The moment you walk in the lobby, you’ll be greeted with poshness all the way up to the rooftop glasshouse

Location : Taman Cempaka, Ampang
Rental Package : Starts at RM6,980+


This glasshouse is within The Hub SS2 and it is in strategic location on the meeting point of Petaling Jaya, Damansara and Kuala Lumpur.

There’s actually a water feature just right next to the glasshouse and if you’re feeling to have an after party, just hop on to the bar connected to it and and AND, the best part, they have a 9-hole multi themed mini golf course on top of the bar

Location : The Hub SS2, PJ
Minimum Spend : Starts at RM4,000


Ahh, the biggest of them all. Glasshouse Seputeh definitely needs no introduction. This rustic, nature theme glasshouse will make you feel like you’re one with nature, with the plants planted inside, and also the outside area. This glasshouse can take up to 400 pax

Location : Taman Seputeh
Rental : Starts at RM20,000

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