128 Foodies Food Delivery

Event type : 1. Food Delivery / Pick Up
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128 Foodies Food Delivery

128 Foodies Food Delivery is a Pan Mee specialist restaurant based in Aman Puri, Kepong. They provide deliveries to your doorstep, and are currently covering areas such as KEPONG, SELAYANG, SETAPAK, Bdr Sri Damansara.

Delivery partners :LALA MOVE or on our own (depending time slot availability as there is only 1 person delivering at the moment)

For areas such as Cheras and Ampang delivery time would be around 5pm – 7pm (fixed daily).

**preferably all orders to be made at least a day in advance for us to arrange delivery time.

All confirmed orders are required to be made full payment via bank instant transfer. (Banking details will be sent to you upon confirmation.) All prices are shown in the attached menu. Thank you for your support!

大家好! 我们是来自甲洞 Aman Puri 128板面专门店。我们现在开始有做外卖服务!覆盖的范围:Kepong、Selayang、PJ、Setapak. Cheras,Ampang,
固定时间每天5pm-7pm **建议顾客可以提前做预定以便我们方便排时间地点因为我们只有一个送货** 付款方式:网上过帐或电子钱包 食物饮品价钱如菜单所写!谢谢 请按赞关注我们的最新动态