Alanna’s Kitchen Take Away Menu

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Alanna’s Kitchen Take Away Menu

Alanna’s Kitchen is a HALAL restaurant that serves Arabic, Western and local Asian food. Favorites on the menu are Arabic Chicken Mandy, Arabic BBQ Chicken and Fried Chicken Chop.

All food is a set meal and it comes with a FREE soft drink. The sauces and burger buns are specially home made from scratch.

Alanna’s Kitchen also offers home made cakes as desserts.

Order through WhatsApp. Pay Online. Pick Up at Your Designated Time

*Free drink : Coke / Sprite / Fanta/ ice lemon tea / jasmine tea
*Container charge : RM0.50 per pc for take away

101  Arabic Chicken Mandy RM13.90
102 Arabic Chicken Kabsah RM13.90
103 Arabic Chicken Haneeth RM14.90
104 Arabic BBQ chicken RM14.90
105 Shish Tawook Grilled Chicken with rice RM13.90
106 Alanna’s Special Grilled Chicken RM15. 90
107 Arabic Lamb Mandy RM22.90

110 Nasi Lemak Special RM13.90
111 Grilled Sambal Fish Kembong with rice RM12.90
112 Grilled Sambal Fish Fillet with rice RM14.90
114 Chicken Tom yam with rice RM14.90
115 Chicken Tom Yam meehoon RM15.90
116 Seafood Tomyam with rice RM18.90
117 Seafood Tomyam meehoon RM19.90

138 Braised Ginger Duck with stick noodles RM12.90
139 Braised Mushroom chicken feet with stick noodles RM9.90
183 Herbal Chicken soup noodles RM11.90
118 Prawn noodles RM16.90

120 Grilled Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce RM12.90
121 Grilled Chicken Chop with mushrooms sauce RM12.90
122 Fried chicken chop with brown sauce RM15.90
123 Lamb chop with black pepper sauce RM22.90
124 Fish and chips RM16.90
125 Black pepper Steak RM27.90

130 Spaghetti Bolognaise RM12.90
131 Spaghetti Carbonara RM13.90
134 Carbonara Fried chicken RM18.90
135 Carbonara Seafood RM24.90
136 Fish Fillet Carbonara RM16.90

140 Egg burger and fries RM5.90
141 Crispy chicken burger and fries RM11.90
142 Cheesy beef burger and fries RM13.90
144 Shish Tawook chicken with wrap and fries RM14.90

180 Hot pot vegetarian with meehoon RM13.90
181 Hot pot vegetarian with udon RM14.90
182 Hot pot vegetarian with rice RM13.90

184 Soy Sauce chicken with rice RM11.90
185 Curry Fish Fillet with rice RM18.90
187 Curry Seafood with rice RM29.90

188 Sweet and Sour chicken with rice RM10.90
189 Buttermilk chicken with rice RM10.90
190 Sweet and Sour Fish with rice RM12.90
191 Buttermilk Fish with rice RM12.90
192 Sambal Petai prawns with rice RM14.90
193 Nasi Goreng Kampung Seafood RM14.90