Event type : Birthday Party, Corporate Dinner, Dinner Party, Product Launch
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Brycg is the old English term for Bridge inherited from the proto-German language from years back. Semblance of an arch of a bridge can be seen in the decor of the Bryce. Brycg is a New Orleans inspired restaurant which attempts to bridge the cross-cultural New Orlean cuisine into Kuala Lumpur, another multi cultural melting pot. The cuisine is a mix of New American cuisine, French & Mexican – so you can expect a pretty diverse palate before you.

Event Venue

Brycg employs a modern industrial concept with lots of red brick and metal. It’s a take on what it would be like if you were to walk into a red brick building in New Orleans warehouse district. The event venue is not too big, accommodating up to 50 pax but oozing lots of New Orlean charm in every square inch of its setting. Pipe in some dixieland or New Orleans jazz & you and your guests will think that you have been transported to New Orleans itself. Brycg is a suitable event venue for company dinners, private dinners or cocktail parties in a different setting from most restaurants and bars that you would have been used to in KL.


Brycg is located on Jalan Nipah, just off Jalan Ampang, in the same building as Greenhouse by Muir. You can find it easily as its architecture of a square glass building stands out from everything around it. Or just look for the Gleneagles hospital, of which it’s next to. They have a small car park inside the compound and there are more parking available along the main road.