Chakri Palace Pavilion KL

Event type : Corporate Dinner, Corporate Party, Dinner Party, Lunch Party
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Chakri Palace Pavilion KL

Chakri Palace Pavilion KL is one the keepers of the flame when it comes to quality Thai cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. Their continued popularity is testament to the class and quality of Royal Thai Cuisine that they serve to their guests. One of the ways Chakri Palace Pavilion KL maintains its quality is that they use ingredients of the highest quality, their food is prepared without using any MSG and using only cholesterol free cooking oil. They have re-imagined a new menu inspired by renowned chef, Chef McDang, so be prepared to be thrilled all over once again.

Event Space

As an event space, Chakri Palace Pavilion KL has played host to many a grand event. Whether it’s a private party, corporate dinner or even a fashion show, Chakri Palace Pavilion KL has seen it all. So you can rest assure that the team at Chakri Palace Pavilion KL will go all out to make your event a success. Chakri Palace Pavilion KL also provides a fully customized catering service from planning to preparation to delivery and will cater to your event and make it truly special.


Chakri Palace Pavilion KL is suitable for hosting a birthday party, a gathering with friends, an office party, a reunion dinner, or a corporate lunch or dinner. The event space here can take up to 100 pax. They have two private dining rooms, one that can take 12 pax and the other taking 16 pax.


Chakri Palace Pavilion KL is located in on the Level 4 of KL Pavilion. KL Pavilion is easily accessible if you are within the city. The parking bays at KL Pavilion are some of the widest in Kuala Lumpur and there are usually enough parking bays in the building.