Chef Signature Cafe Melaka

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Chef Signature Cafe

Chef Signature Cafe Melaka is a simple yet modern cafe located in the area of Bukit Beruang in the region of Melaka. Chef Signature Cafe Melaka serves a combination of nyonya, local and western cuisine at a reasonable price for its high standard quality. Because of its vast variety of food served here, such dishes include Babi Pongteh, Hokkien Mee, Cantonese Fried Egg Noodle, Salmon Steak, as well as Wagyu beef for beef lovers. If you’re coming with friends or family each with different taste buds, Chef Signature Cafe Melaka would be the place for you as a variety of dishes and choices are available here.

Event Venue

Chef Signature Cafe Melaka has very simple decor with warm lighting and alphabets on the walls and tables. Chef Signature Cafe Melaka is a clean cafe with a good ambience and friendly service. This event space has indoor seating and is air-conditioned.


Chef Signature Cafe Melaka is large enough to hold events of up to 45 pax. Such events that can take place here include a birthday party, surprise party, meet-up as well as large family gathering. During festive seasons such as Christmas, a western set menu is available and this varies annually.


Chef Signature Cafe Melaka is located in Bukit Beruang and is located on the same row as Bank Simpanan Nasional Bukit Beruang, with Petronas station facing the other road. Chef Signature Cafe Melaka is a 20-minute drive away from Jonker Street with ample street parking available.