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Frediani’s Market & Deli Delivery

Bundle Meal A (4pax/5meals) RN450
* Salmon 4pcs
* sirloin steak 4pcs
* chicken breast 4pcs
Includes 3 types marination and sauces & 1.5kg mixed vege
* pork patties 4pcs
* brioche buns 4pcs

Bundle Meal B (4 pax/5 meals) Rm450
* seabass 4pcs
* ribeye 4pcs
* chicken thigh 4pcs
Includes marination 3 types, sauces & mixed vege 1.5kg
* beef patties 4pcs
* brioche buns 4pcs

Bundle Meal C @ (2pax/5meals) RM350
* Salmon 2pcs
* Seabass 2pcs
* Tenderloin 2 pcs
Includes 3 types marination, sauces & 1kg mixed vege
* Chicken patties 2pcs
* brioche buns 2pcs

On top of that, we also bring to you our chefs’ specials of the week is Meatloaf stuffed with cheddar, wrap with bacon and our chunky beef meat and mushroom pies family size, it also comes in medium size.

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