Gather Gather Kitchen Food Delivery

Event type : 1. Food Delivery / Pick Up
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Gather Gather Kitchen Food Delivery

Gather Gather Kitchen Food Delivery serves one of the best roast ducks in Kota Kemuning.

In this most challenging period of time, the future is unpredictable and most family is struggling financially. Likewise, Gather-gather kitchen is trying our best endeavor to cope with this unfortunate pandemic. Hence, LET US HELP EACH OTHERS to go through this crucial moment together.
GATHER GATHER KITCHEN has come out with the PROMOTION LOCKDOWN MENU SET during MCO period for all our customers to be able to enjoy the our food at a reasonable price. Even you can save your time to cook, your washing dishes, your gas, n queuing to buy vege/meats tooo… 😂 (mandy)


[知道这对马来西亚每个家庭来说都是最艰难的时刻,我们无法预测接下来会发生什么,但是我可以感觉到一家之主正在努力解决财务问题,就像现在Gather Gather Kitchen正在经历的事情一样 ,请帮助其他人度过这一刻]

GATHER GATHER KITCHEN推出了这个MCO时期设定的合理价格家庭,因此每个家庭仍然可以以合理的价格享用食物。 您甚至可以节省烹饪时间,洗衣服,汽油,排队购买蔬菜/肉的时间