Indobowl Taman Melawati Take Away

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Indobowl Taman Melawati Take Away

Indonesian cuisine is one of the best delicacies in South East Asia but authentic homestyle and street food menu is hard to come by in Malaysia. Inspired by the founder’s wife’s love for Indonesian food, this led to the spark of Indobowl, a small stall started in Petaling Jaya in 2016 which served Indonesian influenced dishes. To ensure authenticity, Indobowl uses recipes passed down in his wife’s family for more than 60 years from Sumatra, Indonesia.

With our delectable and shareable dishes blooming in all the colours of the rainbow and flavours ranging from mild to spicy, Indonesian food is the example of diversity itself. Our main goal would be to continuously provide quality and authentic Indonesian homestyle and street food recipes for our customers.

Free Delivery
* minimum order of RM30
* within Taman Melawati

Operational Hours
* 12:00 pm – 08:00 pm