Joon's Thaifood Delivery

Event type : 1. Food Delivery / Pick Up
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Joon’s Thaifood Delivery

Enjoy Joon’s Thaifood Delivery Service as they can deliver to KL and Selangor. They are selling authenthic thai food and ingredients imported from Thai

1. Somtom Thai rm12
2.Somton Thai with Salted Egg rm15
3.Somtom with fermented fish rm10
4. Basil with chicken and fried egg and rice rm12
5.Fried Chicken with Garlic on rice and egg rm12
6.Shrimp Sashimi with Spicy fish Sauce rm20
(This menu preordered first…Some time no have)
7.Tom Yum Seafood( Prawn & Squid) rm15
8.Hot Pot Noodles Seafood Tomyum
(Choose Mama , Mee hoon) rm15
9.Spicy Seafood Thai Glass Noodle Salad rm15
10.Fried rice tom yum seafood rm15
11.Spicy shimps salad with pickled fish Sauce rm25
12.Spicy Squids salad with pickled fish Sauce rm25

Self Pick Up

Delivery is available within KL and Selangor and fee will be quoted upon order

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