Kerina's Dimsum Delivery Service

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Kerina’s Dimsum Delivery Service

Kerina’s Dimsum Delivery Service, you just steam it (8-10mins) when you need to eat it. The buns are preservative-free, remember to put them in the refrigerator

Can be refrigerated for one month.

Order 1 day on advance before 11pm
Will receive the goods tomorrow

The buns are made fresh every day. Just place an order

Salted egg lava 6pcs
Black sesame lava 6pcs
Pandan lava 6pcs
– Per pack at RM 15

Signature Huadiao Jiubao 6pcs – RM 9
Big Bun – RM 4 each
Chicken mushroom glutinous rice – RM 4.50 each
Meat Bun – RM3.30 each
Gu Zao Wei Char Siu Bao – RM 2.50 each
Classic Siu Mai 10pcs – RM 12
B1 – B9 Flavor 6pcs – priced at RM 9 per pack
Steamed buns C1-C6 flavor 6pcs – priced at RM 7 per pack

Delivery is available within KL and Selangor and will be quoted upon order
Delivery cost RM 3, RM 5 or RM 7 depend on distance.

Operational Hours
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Whatsapp Number
014-3662988 Kerina Chan