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Lada Merah Bento Delivery

Get your Malaysian style comfort food from Lada Merah. Price starts at RM9.90 Per Meal Box. Lada Merah Bento provides Malaysian favorites with elevated flavor such as daging rendang, ayam buttermik, laksa and more! If you are craving for some fusion food, good news, they do have some Chicken Chop options

Check out the menu here 

Ayam Goreng Biasa – RM 10.90+
Ayam Kicap Pedas – RM 11.90+
Ayam Goreng Kunyit – RM 10.90+
Ayam Goreng Berempah – RM 11.90+
Ayam Sambal – RM 10.90+
Ayam Masam Manis – RM 10.90+
Ayam Rendang – RM 9.90+
Ayam Buttermilk – RM 10.90+
Daging Rendang – RM 10.90+
Daging Kunyit – RM 11.90+
Daging Sambal – RM 11.90+
Ikan Masam Manis – RM 9.90+
Ikan Buttermilk – RM 9.90+
Ikan Sambal – RM 9.90+

Mee Goreng Mamak – RM 11.90+
Mee Kari – RM 10.90+
Char Kuey Teow – RM 11.90+
Asam Laksa (From Jom Laksa) – RM 11.90+
Nyonya Laksa (From Jom Laksa) – RM 11.90+

FUSION SERIES (All served with Rice)
Chicken Chop Gravy – RM13.90+
Chicken Chop Cheese – RM13.90+
Chicken Chop Sate – RM13.90+

Delivery Coverage And Pickup Point

Lada Merah delivers from KL Sentral to all parts of KL and PJ. Delivery is automatically calculated through the order form based on your location
Pickup point will be from Dua Central.