Lion Sight Kitchen Food Delivery

Event type : 1. Food Delivery / Pick Up, Home Kitchen
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Lion Sight Kitchen Food Delivery

Lion Sight Kitchen Food Delivery is a home kitchen that makes Ying Tau Foo, Bao, Bak Chang and delivers to you in Shah Alam and PJ.

* orders by 08:00 pm daily will be delivered the following day
* minimum order of RM20

* free delivery within Shah Alam Seksyen U5 & U3
* additional delivery charges applies beyond this areas

Delivery Time
* 12:00 pm – 02:00 pm
* 05:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Self Pick-Up
* available at KFC Subang 2


White TauFoo 白豆腐 RM2/pc
Fried TauFoo 炸豆腐 RM2/pc
Bitter Gourd 苦瓜 RM2/pc
Brinjal/Egplant 茄子 RM2/pc
Chilli 辣椒 RM2/pc
Ladyfinger 羊角豆 RM2/pc
Fried Foo Zook 炸腐竹 RM2/pc
Tou Foo Pok 豆腐卜 RM2/pc
Fried Wan Tan 炸馄吞 (4pc) RM2/pc
Sweet Sauce 甜酱 RM0.50/portion
Chilli Sauce 辣椒酱 RM0.50/portion
Clear Soup Handmade Noodles 清汤手工面 RM3.50/portion
Clear Soup Meehoon/Yee Mee 清汤米粉/伊面 RM3/portion
Rice 白饭 RM2/bowl

10pcs Mix set w free clear soup 10件混合 *1碗饭 RM18/set
15pcs Mix set w free clear soup 15件混合 *2碗饭 RM26/set
20pcs Mix set w free clear soup 20件混合 *3碗饭 RM33/set
Mixed Set comes with Free Clear Soup + 1/2/3 bowl Rice + sauces.
*混合组赠送:清汤 + 1/2/3 饭 + 甜酱 + 辣椒酱

*Bak Chang available on 22,23,24 June 2020
*Minimum 5 pieces