Nadodi KL

Event type : Birthday Party, Farewell Party, Pre-Wedding Party
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Nadodi KL

Nadodi KL actually means nomad in Tamil and Malayalam. The restaurant’s cuisine is included 3 regions’ culture (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka). The cuisine is described as engaging and nomadic, namely because it’s enlighten by the journeys across Tamil Nadu to Kerala to Sri Lanka. Nadodi KL is currently serving a 10 course tasting menu called “The 10-Mile Journey”. 10 course tasting menu including Pappadum (made of rice with dehydrated yogurt and curry leaf), Egg Kalaki (which was egg with dehydrated jujube fruit underneath), Kiribath (a rice pudding) and more distinctive food. The event space also serves alcohol. For example, Nadodi KL’s signature cocktail, Magizchi is a good match with the desserts here.

Event Space

Nadodi KL has a stylish and modern interior design. There are some beautiful photographs adorn the dark-coloured walls, presenting a marvellous, cultural ambience. All the crew here are always having an approachable smile and they will also tell the stories of India’s culture & customs to customer.


If you’re wondering where to have your next family gathering with a luxurious meal in a restaurant with a great ambience, Nadodi KL is a good choice. This event space has some private dining rooms and a main dining area with a full service bar. Each private dining room is available for 10 – 15 people and the whole event space can accommodate up to 50 pax. Thus, it is a great place for hosting gathering, birthday party, farewell party, company dinner or other dining events.


Nadodi KL is located at the 1st Floor above The Mayang Club at 183 Jalan Mayang. It is easy to locate as it just opposite Suria KLCC. There is a bus station located opposite this event space, and it is just a 2 minutes walking distance. Furthermore, a lot of free off-street parking is easily available for those who travels through car.