Peggy's Lau Sha Pao Delivery

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Peggy’s Lau Sha Pao Delivery

Peggy’s Lau Sha Pao Delivery taste can definitely compare with the dim sum restaurant. Just thaw and steam for a few minutes to eat

One box contains 12pieces!

Limited stock available, grab yours now

1. Hailamese Bread 传统海南面包 RM 4.50
2. Pandan Kaya RM3.50
3. Big Bun(5pieces) 太空包 RM3.50
4. Fluffy Banana Cake 香蕉蛋糕RM 8.50
5.Marble Butter Cake 低糖牛油蛋糕RM 8.50
6. Heavy cheese cake 芝士蛋糕 RM6
7. Durian Puffs 4 pcs榴莲泡芙 RM 6
8. Fragrant Durian Swiss Roll 榴莲瑞士卷 RM24
9. Fragrant Mango Swiss Roll 芒果瑞士卷 RM21
10. Blueberry cheese tart 1 piece RM4
11. Coconut tart 1 piece RM3.50
12. Pineapple Tart 6 pcs RM10.90
12. Crispy Siew Bao 脆皮烧包 6 pcs (pork)RM13.20
13. Crispy Kaya Kok 脆皮kaya角 6 pcs RM8
14. HK Style Milk Tea 港式奶茶 RM6.90
15. HK Style Bakzhang 港式传统肉粽 RM 7

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