Raintree Club Malay Wedding Package

Event type : Wedding Dinner, Wedding Venue
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Raintree Club Malay Wedding Package

Established in 1983, the Raintree Club of Kuala Lumpur is located on a prime 6.2 acre site owned by the Club and its Members, set in tropical woodland on Jalan Desa Pandan. Its location, right next to Jalan Ampang Hilir and just a short drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre, makes it an ideal venue for anyone who lives or works in central KL, Ampang and the surrounding areas of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

The Raintree Club Malay wedding package offers an extensive package that covers from the food of the guests all the way to bridal make up.

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RM28,500+ For 1,000 pax

Nasi Beriyani/Tomato/Minyak
Nasi Putih 10%
Ayam Masak Merah/Ayam Goreng Berempah
Daging Rendang Hitam
Dalca Sayuran
Gulai Lemak Nangka/Pajeri Nenas/Masak Lemak Nenas Ikan Masin
Sambal Sotong Kering
Acar Buah
Buah Buahan
Air Cordial

Peralatan Buffet

TEA CORNER (300 Pax)
Kuih Koci
Popiah Sambal
Bubur Kacang
Teh Tarik

4 Set Meja VIP untuk 40 Pax (Berhidang Dome)
Meja Pengantin untuk 10 Pax

Pelamin untuk Saiz Dewan Dengan Hiasan Bunga Artificial Mengikut Tema
Set Alat Merenjis
Pintu Gerbang Hiasan Bunga Artificial
6 Unit Flower Stand Hiasan Bunga Artificial
Red Carpet

Pakaian Sewa Sedia Ada Untuk Pasangan Lelaki & Perempuan
Aksesori Pakaian
Bunga Tangan

Make Up Artist Professional Untuk Majlis Sanding

PA System
DJ Perkahwinan & Karaoke

Kek 3 Tingkat

Kerusi & Meja 35 Sets
Sarung Kerusi & Meja
Meje Buffet 2 Station
Meja Hadiah 2 Set
Meja Kek

Hall Rental Only

If you want to bring in your own decoration and caterer, Raintree Club has a hall rental option.

RM10,200+ (+ is for SST)

Rental includes
* 34 tables – 10 seats per table
* Main Table
* Stage (16 x 24 feet)
* Use of Hall
* 2 station buffet table (for a caterer’s use)
* Dessert table
* Reservation table
* Gift table
* Red Carpet
* PA System
* Holding room (air-conditioned) for Bride & Groom
* 150 parking spaces
* Rela Security (3 personnel)

Availabilitiy & Rates

Rental of the venue without the package is RM10,200 + 6% SST

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The Raintree Club is located at Jalan Ampang Hilir and is just a short drive from the KL city centre. There are parkings provided within the vicinity. The nearest LRT Stop is Jelatek and is 1.6km away from Raintree Club.