Red Penguin TTDI Delivery Service

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Red Penguin TTDI Delivery Service

Red Penguin TTDI Delivery Service offers a few pasta menu that you can just order and get them delivered to you. Check some of the signature dish here

𝘼. π™Žπ™€π˜Όπ™π™Šπ™Šπ˜Ώ π™π™Šπ™ˆ π™”π˜Όπ™ˆ
Spaghetti noodles flavored with a spicy, sweet, tangy & savory sauce from tum yum paste with fresh calamari, prawns & mussels

𝘽. π™ˆπ˜Όπ™π™„π™‰π˜Όπ™π˜Ό π˜½π™€π™€π™ π™ˆπ™€π˜Όπ™π˜½π˜Όπ™‡π™‡π™Ž
Homemade marinara sauce with fresh tomatoes and tender beef kebabs, cooked with the perfect balance and tinge of spicy bite.

𝘾. π˜Όπ™‚π™‡π™„π™Š π™Šπ™‡π™„π™Š (π™Šπ™‹π™π™„π™Šπ™‰π™Ž π™π™Šπ™ π™‘π™€π™‚π™€π™π˜Όπ™π™„π˜Όπ™‰)
Classic Aglio Olio sautΓ©ed with chicken, garlic, chilli flakes, difficult to mess with, but we do try! (Option for Vegetarian)

𝘿. π™π™€π™π™π™π˜Ύπ˜Ύπ™„π™‰π™€ π˜Ύπ™ƒπ™„π˜Ύπ™†π™€π™‰ π˜Ύπ˜Όπ™π˜½π™Šπ™‰π˜Όπ™π˜Ό
Creamy egg carbonara served with grilled chicken, the tough one, we kept this to its original flavour.

Delivery is available within KL and Selangor and will be quoted upon order

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