Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka

Event type : Birthday Party, Corporate Party, Meet Ups, Product Launch, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Party
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Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka

Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka has been up and running since 1993 and was then known as Restoran Tomyam Klasik Thai Seafood which was located at Ayer Keroh Melaka. Then in 2009, Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka was re-established on a 2-acre area on Sungai Putat Melaka in hopes of growing their business and expanding their list of services and menu. The word “Terapung” in the name, means floating and as some parts of the restaurant are erected on pillars above water, it can be easily understood why this restaurant is called a “floating restaurant”! Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka offers services as well as several different menus and packages for the convenience of any private event hosted here. This restaurant is known to be a popular venue for weddings to be held and more than 100 wedding ceremonies have already been celebrated here. The restaurant serves Thai, Chinese, Western and Malay cuisines of their menu. Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka also has won numerous awards over the years from the Government of Melaka and other organisations

Event Space

The design of Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka was inspired by the concept of classic Malay designs which used beautiful wood carvings and gazebos to attract customers to visit their businesses. The elegant and scenic design of Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka has invited customers who have been all too glad to take photos of all the photogenic sites around such as at the main entrance. Inside, all the seating areas are spacious and can be decorated to suit the nature of any private event held here.


Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka is suited for almost any private event such as wedding ceremonies, engagement party, corporate event or birthday party to name a few. Up to 2000 pax can be accommodated here.


Restoran Klasik Terapung Melaka is located in Sungai Putat, Bukit Beruang, Melaka. Parking is readily available for patrons in the form of a wide open area in front of the restaurant which serves as a parking lot.