The Gardens Ballroom

Event type : Association Dinners, Conference, Corporate Dinner, Product Launch, Wedding Dinner
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Location & Size

While we often want to steer clear of Mid Valley’s crazy traffic, the elegant Gardens Ballroom located on Level 5 of the Garden Mid Valley makes it worth your while to consider for events which require an event venue with a grand presence. The main floor of the Gardens Ballroom stylish design features a central chandelier and expansive floor space. All 650 square metres of it!

Unique Ballroom Balcony

Apart from that, the Gardens Ballroom has a unique mezzanine level called the the Ballroom Balcony. The balcony offers an additional event space and marvellous views overlooking the main floor. A lavish pre-function event space is perfect for cocktail hour and mingling. And with the additional Ballroom Wing area, this is an event venue that has plenty of space for the largest events in Kuala Lumpur.


The Gardens Ballroom can be set up to up to 600 people in a theatre seating style or up to 280 people in a sit down banquet. This makes this event venue perfect for a setting of a grand wedding. Or it could be used for a captains of industry corporate event. How about a grand product launch? Whatever it may be, you can bet the team at Gardens Ballroom will work very hard at making your event at their place a success.