Tuk Tuk Catering

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Tuk Tuk Catering

Tuk Tuk Catering serves authentic flavorful Thai cuisine with a touch of sincere Thai hospitality; suitable for an array of events such as a birthday party, a wedding, a baby shower, a product launch, or a corporate event. The possibilities are endless when you have a little spice and lots of Thai. Their menu is varied and aesthetically picturesque, besides being delicious, of course, for this company was founded on the love for travel, cooking, and Thai cuisine. Tan Ying Ying, auditor and the founder of Tuk Tuk Catering, named her business after her favourite mode of transport in Thailand, none other than the traditional “Tuk Tuk,” of course!


Tuk Tuk Catering provides services for various events and celebrations such as a birthday party, a wedding reception, a product launch, a corporate event, a conference or a seminar, a festive celebration, a bachelor/ bachelorette party, a special soiree, or a baby full-moon party.


Tuk Tuk Catering offers a menu of authentic halal Thai cuisine with a sprinkling of flavorful local dishes desserts, and beverages at a reasonable price.

Service Area

Despite being based in PJ, Tuk Tuk Catering provides their services for all areas within the Klang Valley.

Services Provided

Catering: Customizable full-service catering for events of any size, including Box Catering, Buffet Catering, Banquet Catering, Finger Food Catering, Live Station Catering, Festive Package Catering, Malay and Chinese Weddings Catering, Full-Moon Package, and Kids Package.

Gifts: Tuk Tuk Catering also delights in the procurement of gifts, should any event warrant it. such as corporate gifts, festive hampers, wedding gifts, full moon gifts, and special gifts.

Staff hire: Tuk Tuk Catering offers staff hire where the company promises to hire the right person for the right job, for private and industry use.

Equipment and furniture hire: Tuk Tuk Catering also offers equipment and furniture for hire- from basic cutlery to furniture for rent to ensure that one’s event is a success.