Wedding Surprise by VMO

Event type : Wedding Dinner, Wedding Party, Wedding Reception, Wedding Venue
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Wedding Surprise by VMO

Eyh, if you are here, that means you have found VMO’s special surprise!


Instead of having to put together some of the wedding item yourself, we got it all covered for you!

Ini betul punye lah. Tak tipu punye. All you gotta do is grab the date and be ready just for the wedding

Wanna know whats included in this price?

T6 Rooftop Event Space

Wedding at either one of the 2 most sought after event spaces in Malaysia. Yes yes, we give you options!

This wedding surprise is only available for 2 spaces!

Cornerstone Event Venue

Imagine your wedding at T6 Rooftop or Cornerstone. Day wedding here will be oozing with natural sunlight. Nothing beats a good natural spotlight. Night wedding here will be greeted with the moon and stars.

Other than that, this package also includes tables, chairs, food, pengantin menu, pelamin etc etc eh banyak sangatla, just check on the list below and you’ll know what we mean.

So go ahead, book your space now!

Wedding Surprise by VMO (1,000 pax)

*Package pricing is base on selected event space*

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    Main Menu
Nasi Beriani Basmathi and Nasi Putih
    Ayam Masak Merah
    Daging Masak Beriani
Dalca sayur
Buah Tembikai

    Oren Cordial

    Menu Pengantin
1 set Siakap Masak Tiga Rasa
    1 set Ayam Golek

    1 set Udang Panjat
2 set Makanan Menu Utama
    Kek pengantin (FOC)

    Tea Corner
    Kuih Talam Keladi
    Teh Tarik

    Peralatan Dewan
24 Meja Bulat @ 10 Pax (Beralas labuh
    240 Kerusi Bersarung Dan Ribbon
1 set Meja Beradab dengan 10 kerusi termasuk kerusi pengantin
    2 Buffet Station
    2 set Dome untuk Sajian

    1 Meja Goodies
1 Meja Hadiah

    Set pelamin berukuran 12′ – 15′ dengan hiasan bunga plastik
Karpet merah

    Bunga tangan

    Lengkapan Sajian
    10 Orang Pramusaji
    Peralatan Sajian