Yap’s Bak Chang Delivery Service

Event type : 1. Food Delivery / Pick Up
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Yap’s Bak Chang Delivery Service

Yap’s Bak Chang Delivery Service is serving fresh and generous aromatic fillings Homemade Bak Chang. 2 words to describe it. “ Fresh and Yummy”.

1. Sambal Shrimp and Minced Meat (RM5.00/pc). Salty savoury not sweet savoury.

2. HAKKA Traditional Bak Chang (RM8.00/pc). whole salted egg yolk, chestnuts & black eyed pea legumes, mushroom,pork belly meat

3. Redbean Alkaline Bak Chang (RM4.00/pc).

Minimum order RM50

Delivery is available within KL and Selangor and will be quoted upon order from RM5-RM25

Operational Hours
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Whatsapp Number
017-8899566 https://bit.ly/3bF4EgC