Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur

Event type : Annual Dinner, Corporate Dinner, Product Launch
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Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur

Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur will not be able to take events until further notice.

It is Unique Seafood Group of Companies latest venture into Japanese culinary combining with the finest air-flown seafood from the famed Tsukiji market in Tokyo under leadership of 3 Michelin Star-trained master chef Shimbo Katsunori. This restaurant has 3,200 sqft space that is able to take all kinds of small to medium size events. There’s 2 courtyard gardens within the vicinity as well.

Their event menu starts at RM50+ per pax

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PA System
2 Wireless Mic
Projector and Screen

Minimum Spend
Day Time : RM4,000+
Night Time : RM5,000+

*All prices subject to 10% service charge

Buffet Menu A – RM50+ (RM55 nett) per pax

minimum 80 pax

Saba (Shioyaki or Teriyaki)
Chicken Karaage
Mix Green Salad
Chicken Potato Croquettes
Steamed Rice
Complimentary Ocha (Cold/Hot)

Buffet Menu B – RM100+ (RM110 nett) per pax

minimum 60 pax

Chicken Chawanmushi
Salmon Shioyaki or Teriyaki
Caesar Salad
Assorted Oden
Roasted Chicken
Chicken Gyoza
Garlic Fried Rice
Green Tea Ice Cream
Complimentary Ocha (Cold/Hot) and Orange Cordial

Buffet Menu C – RM150+ (RM165 nett) per pax

minimum 40 pax

Salmon Sashimi
Tai Fish Saikyo Yaki
Oyster Chawanmushi
Seafood Ravioli
Shrimp Tempura Roll Sushi
Unagi Tamagoyaki
Roasted Lamb Leg
Caesar Salad
Japanese Fried Rice
Green Tea Chocolate Cake
Complimentary Ocha (Cold/Hot) and Orange Cordial

Buffet Menu D – RM200+ (RM220 nett) per pax

minimum 40 pax

Ishigaki Tofu
Hassun (assorted 3 appetizers)
Yasai Ohitashi Salad (Dashi Marinated Mix Vegetable)
Kaisen Chawanmushi
Roasted Snapper “Hokkaido Chan Chan Yaki” (Yuzu Miso Flavor)
Assorted Tempura
Mixed Cheese Ravioli
California Sushi Roll
Chicken Namban
Roast Beef with Gravy Sauce
Cha Soba
Assorted Sashimi
Rainbow Fruit Platter
Chef Special Chocolate Opera Cake
Complimentary Ocha (Cold/Hot) and Orange Cordial

Availabilitiy & Rates


Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur is suitable for a variety of event from personal to corporate. This event space can take a small ROM, annual dinner, anniversary dinner, and so much more. Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur can take up to 120 pax seated guests.


Yuniiku Kuala Lumpur is located in the middle of Petaling Jaya making it easily accessible whether you are from Shah Alam or KL City Center. There are 50 available parking spots at this event space.