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“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” 
–Mattie Stepanek

We all understand how effective team meetings can generate the most powerful team spirit in pursuance of a certain goal. While some may enjoy a meeting more than the rest, we always find it more interesting to host an off-site work meetings. The reasons are quite straightforward and comprehensive:

  1. Off-site meetings boost morale (new location is exciting!)
  2. Off-site meetings give fresh perspective. (new location refresh your mind and ideas!)
  3. Off-site meetings increase individual and team productivity. (employees are freed from everyday distractions!)
  4. Off-site meetings include new technology, which make presentation much more interesting. (definitely more interesting than office conference room!)
  5. Off-site meetings inspire creativity (new location allows employees to break out of their typical environment)

VMO understands how a suitable venue for an off-site work meeting is essential — and we have a few venues in the proximity of Petaling Jaya to recommend for meetings of 100 pax.




MNA Conference Room

The MNA Conference Room is 110 pax classroom seating meeting space that is suited for workshops or seminars where a classroom seating arrangement is required. 

WORQ Coworking Space KL Gateway

WORQ Coworking Space KL Gateway is a coworking space that provides users with a place to work and collaborate in a shared space. WORQ Coworking Space KL Gateway provides an environment that is modern, fun, and relaxing.

WORQ Coworking Space Subang

WORQ Coworking Space is a place where you don’t have to worry about looking for an office space of your own, especially if you are fledgling start-up and your resources are best used on other things other than the expense of an office space.

M Theater

M Theater is an auditorium event space that MAHSA University uses for their events and talks. However, it is also open to public rental.

Mindspace Seminar Room

This is a 200 pax seating capacity seminar room that can be configured for a multitude of events.

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