Alin Juta Cafe & Catering

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Alin Juta Cafe & Catering

Alin Juta Cafe & Catering is a halal certified food and beverage caterer in Sabah. It serves a wide range of local dishes completed with dips and condiments, sweet delicacies, snacks, fruits and drinks at affordable prices. There are various styles of food preparation as well, include dome set, individual set and buffet style. Alin Juta Cafe & Caterings accommodate eaters for breakfasts and lunches on weekdays at a government admin office building. Its fans return regularly to the cafe for the most favoured Ayam Penyet and always feedback with good reviews. The manager of Alin Juta Cafe & Catering would be more than happy to craft a special menu to match your requirements and advise arrangements to suit your event purposes.


Whether you need a full course meal for a wedding, a buffet set up for a birthday celebration, or an afternoon tea break for a meeting, Alin Juta Cafe & Catering is the right choice for you no matter what occasion you are planning on.


Alin Juta Cafe & Catering provides local cuisine at both outside catering and cafe for everyone to enjoy their diligently prepared food.


Alin Juta Cafe & Catering is strategically located in a government admin office building, ease the officers with famous local cuisine for both breakfast and lunch. People who visit the government offices for formal meetings or other matters can also dine there. For the catering service, Alin Juta Cafe & Catering delivers to the main points in Kota Kinabalu.