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19 July 2021

VMO’s co-founder, Vincent Kok talk to BFM to explain how eatcosys, an F&B and retail tech solution provider aims to help businesses ride the wave of disruption by going digital.
Listen here to learn more about their recent acquisition run, as well as how they plan to maintain their aggressive growth post-pandemic.

20 Apr 2020

BFM catches up with VMO’s co-founder, Vincent Kok about what they are doing through the MCO and how the new normal has challenged VMO.

17 Apr 2020

Business Today speaks to VMO’s co-founder about Diversifying the way forward for VMO. VMO Rocks, is also home to Boozeat, the country’s largest beverage on-demand platform. Another service that was part of the Group is Food Advisor, a platform that helps users to discover the best eating spots with over 500,000 page views monthly.

10 Mar 2018

VMO’s co-founder, Vincent Kok, gets picked by Digital News Asia in their 2018 list of Malaysia’s Digerati50. Thank you for the honour!

6 Dec 2017

Andre Shum, Rama V’s MD, tells Capital TV how VMO has helped his business grow the number of events at their outlet. Thanks Andre for the kind words and endorsement!

5 Dec 2017

Fish & Co’s Marketing Director, Charmaine Tan, and Vincent Kok, VMO’s co-founder, appear on Capital TV to talk about how digital trends are affecting the F&B industry

17 Nov 2017

The Edge does a story on the co-founder of VMO and chronicles VMO’s journey since it started in October 2014.

30 Oct 2017

Vulcan Post gives VMO the Vulcan treatment! From how we got told this won’t work to a measure of validation

16 Oct 2017

Business Today Malaysia reports on VMO’s partnerships with Boozeat, FeedMyGuest, PictureTeam, and LoanStreet to extend services to the platform.

15 Oct 2017

China Press– 本地大型活動場地出租公司VMO Rocks私人有限公司宣布與4個平台合作,推出新服務,以進一步發展為更完善的活動策劃公司

23 Aug 2017

Digital News Asia reports VMO’s 2015 to 2016 435% Growth

22 Aug 2017

The Skop – Sabah Dan Johor Tersenarai Dalam Servis Tempahan Lokasi VMO.

12 May 2017

Focus Malaysia writes about booking venues with just a click on VMO

27 May 2017

Malaysia SME covers the conclusion of VMO’s ECF campaign

4 May 2017

BFM invites VMO to be on air. Second year running, VMO gets to be on air on Star Wars Day! May The Force Be With you and VMO too!

4 May 2017

Digital News Asia asks us why we took Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) path instead of going through getting government grant or even getting Venture Capital funding involved.

2 May 2017

e27 reports on VMO being CrowdPlus’ eight successful campaign.

2 May 2017

The Skop – Servis Tempahan Lokasi VMO Rocks Terima Dana RM500,000

28 Apr 2017

The Star writes about the growing ECF scene in Malaysia and VMO’s successful raise of RM500,000 in 4 days.

26 Sep 2016

TechInAsia writes about Rhombus Food Holdings taking an equity stake in VMO

19 July 2016

Nanyang talks to VMO about why we developed a platform to enable bookings of venues online.

4 May 2016

BFM talks to Vincent Kok about how VMO came about on Star Wars Day! The geek in us just loves the coincidence that the Force is strong with us. Thanks BFM!

4 Apr 2016

The Star’s Zieman comes up with a catchy title of “The Eventgelist Cometh”. We absolutely love it.

28 Apr 2016

e27 writes about how VMO makes it easier to book venues online

22 Mar 2016

Astro Awani – VMO papar senarai lokasi menarik untuk tempahan

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