At VMO, we’re passionate about helping you find your perfect event space or service. We believe in helping people experience a whole new way in how they discover, compare and book event spaces. Just search for what you want by typing your type of event (eg. “birthday party”, “wedding”, “meeting”), type of event space (eg. “cafe”,”private room”) or even number of guests you will (eg “200 pax”). Remember to use the quotes ” ” as that will improve your search results.

From busy corporate professionals, event organizers to party planners and average joes on the street, VMO is about matching people with the perfect venue for their event of choice. We are equally passionate about helping venue owners promote their space for the right type of event, connect them with the right clients, all the while helping them save time and grow their revenue.

Whether it’s a 100,000 sqft convention centre or a cozy neighbourhood cafe, VMO takes care of the nitty-gritty – managing the listing, the short-term availability, direct booking, payment reimbursement – and let the event planner and venue owner focus on what’s important – the fun and success of the event!