• What is VMO?
    VMO (pronounced as vee-mo) is an instant booking platform for event spaces and services. VMO helps anyone planning an event or function, discover and book that rocking event space or service easily and painlessly. We take away the pain and difficulty of finding that perfect event space and matching the right services so that you can have the event of your life.
  • How does VMO work?
    VMO provides the best selection of unique and eclectic venues and event spaces together with the most comprehensive list of services all in one simple and easy to use place so that you can plan and have the event of your life your way, VMO works with all these venue and services providers to take the pain and hassle out of finding and booking the right venue therefore giving you more time to focus on planning the event and making it a memorable one.
  • How do I use VMO?
    Using VMO is as easy as browsing the web! Simply search by type of function / event type or if you have a specific location in mind, you can also key in the geographical location. Browse through the myriad of unique event spaces that are listed and once you’ve discovered that perfect event venue, simply click on the “Get A Free Quote” button to get a quote or request for specific details pertaining the venue such as availability or pricing. An email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your enquiry and the venue owner will respond to your request within 24 hours. You can then liaise directly with the venue owner to finalize the details of your event and secure the venue at the date of your choice. The same goes for service providers. It’s that easy!
  • What is the cost of making an enquiry?
    Using VMO is completely FREE! You may however be required to place a deposit with the event space owners or services provider to secure the date of your choice, the sum of which varies according to each respective venue owner / service provider. Shall we say it again, that it’s FREE to use?
  • How do I secure my event space or services booking?
    Once an agreement has been reached, you secure your booking by paying the required deposit. All payments are made directly to the event space operator. The same applies to engaging the respective service providers.
  • Is a deposit required to secure a venue? And how much do I need to put in?
    Yes, a deposit is required by the venue/service operator. The amount varies by venue and will be communicated to you by the venue owner. The same applies to most service providers.
  • What if I want to cancel my booking?
    Most venue and service providers have a cancellation policy. We advice that you understand clearly what these policies are prior to making the booking and placing the deposit. Depending on when the cancellation occurs, the deposit may or may not be fully refundable. This is once again subject to the policies for cancellation set by each respective venue owner or service provider.
  • How do I change my booking or details of my booking?
    You may liaise directly with the venue owner or service provider to change the details of your booking. We advice again that you keep yourself informed of the booking policy upfront pertaining to what details can or cannot be change which may vary from venue to venue and service providers.

Event Space Owners and Service Providers

  • I’m interested. Where do I get more information?
    Just click on the WhatsApp button to drop us a quick holler. We believe in forging a close working relationship from the get go, therefore our venue specialist will contact you to personally walk you through how to have you signed up on board with us.
  • Are you like another hotel booking website out there?
    No. We are NOT a hotel booking website nor do we intend to be. There are a too many of them out there already as it is. VMO is all about helping people discover and book rocking venues for their events. We are not in the business of facilitating housing/room accommodation for sleep-ins and extended stays.
  • Are you like a deal site or a table booking site for restaurants and cafes?
    No. VMO is not a discounted deals site. VMO is also not a table booking site for restaurants.
    We bring customers who are looking for a unique place to host their birthday party, reunion dinner, alumni gathering, ROM, company dinner, etc. VMO does not book tables for 2 to 4 pax. VMO’s average number of pax per event enquiry is 110 pax.
  • Are there any fees for signing up?
    No. We want to get as many rocking event space and awesome services on our site as possible and we would be glad to feature you on our website at no charge. We only take a fee upon a successful booking.
  • How can my venue work with VMO?
    VMO is always excited to work with new, eclectic and unique venues and spaces. Enquire with us today and let our venue specialist show you how your hidden gem of a venue and services can be a part of VMO and be exposed to thousands of potential new customers. We can’t wait to speak to you so just drop us an email and details at enquiry@VMO.rocks today.