Using VMO is FREE! Browse over 900 event venues, enquire or make a booking

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Un-complicate Your Event Planning

When planning events, it’s always a tough time trying to locate different venues, and then an even tougher time having to liaise with them individually to get quotes, menu options, or more pictures – ugh! Apart from that, there’s not knowing the types of spaces available out there! With VMO, you can have all that at your fingertips.

Choices Galore

You’ll get a plethora of event spaces you probably never knew you could rent!

If you’re looking to host the best place for a birthday celebration in KL, have your dream wedding reception at a unique location within the Klang Valley, or arrange for a product launch / meeting with a conducive atmosphere – VMO has curated close to 1,000 spaces for you to pick from!

All you need to do is to enter a keyword to search for a venue type, such as “rooftop”, “bungalow” or “meeting room”. This will get you a list of unique bars, restaurants, villas and other types of event places. You can even filter it by location.

It’s Easy & It’s Free

Save time and effort booking an event venue with VMO – at no extra cost to you!

You’ll have a range of information, such as:
// venue rental prices
// a write-up about the venue
// available dates
// lots of pictures, and
// menu options!

Apart from booking an event venue through VMO, you can also add on other service providers into your cart, such as:
// an event planner // photographer // event stylist // live band // emcee, and lots more!

No extra fee is charged to you, and the prices shown are the same as what you’ll be getting if you were to go direct to each event venue or service provider.

We’ve curated these listings to save you all the hassle! – it’s convenient, efficient, and doesn’t cost you a cent to book it all through its website. With a growing listing of over 900 venues, you’re bound to find the perfect event venue in and out of Kuala Lumpur!

Browse, Enquire or Make a Booking via VMO today!