Aavri Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

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Aavri Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

You have your dream commercial kitchen. You have invested monies and time in getting your kitchen the way you wantit. It’s supposed to be well oiled and perfectly running machine BUT that doesn’t happen without maintenance of the kitchen equipment. Aavri provides you with the preventive and restorative maintenance services for your kitchen equipment throughout the Klang Valley.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential to keep your kitchen up and running in proper order. It will also help to avoid costly repairs on your kitchen equipment.


Repairs is rendered when the kitchen equipment has broken down. Aavri will send its consultants to assess the parts that are broken and quote you accordingly to what needs repairs. An assessment fee is charged for reviewing the items that are needed to be repaired.

Here are things that you can do yourself to keep your equipment working well.

– Burners and grates are cleaned and secure
– Grease valve knobs regularly
– Move range and clean behind it
– Check thermostat is working properly
– Train kitchen staff to use ranges correctly to avoid safety hazards and damages

Griddles & Grills
– Clean burners
– Check grease filters
– Wipe down griddles and grills after use

– Check for gas leaks
– Check and clean combustion fans
– Extract dirty oil regularly
– Clean fry baskets and inspect for damages

Fridges & Freezers
– Check refrigerant level
– Check and adjust defrost timers
– Inspect suction line insulation
– Look over door hinges and closers
– Clean gaskets and lubricate hinges
– Check electrical connections
– Calibrate thermometers

Dishwashers & Sinks
– Check chemical levels (detergent, sanitizer, rinsing aids)
– Look for chips, dents or damages to dish racks
– Clean the filter every 15-20 cycles
– Inspect tank water and change regularly

Floor Maintenance
– Ensure all floor drains are draining properly
– Remove floor mats, sweep, and mop regularly
– Use a degreaser to get rid of grease and soils
– Look for cracks, holes, or bumps in the floor that could be a tripping hazard