Balls of Fire Catering

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Balls Of Fire Catering

Launched in November 2015, Balls Of Fire Catering is the brainchild of a group of gourmets based here in Kuala Lumpur whose fiery passion is to produce mouth-watering food of the highest quality. They are dedicated to using the freshest ingredients available in their food by producing their fries by hand, on the spot with fresh potatoes and using high quality, freshly ground cuts of lamb & beef in their food. Even their sauces are made from scratch with fresh herbs & spices. As the name suggests, Balls Of Fire Catering specialises in serving food in the form of balls. They offer a variety of meatballs made from beef, lamb, chicken as well as vegetarian balls and hotdogs. Alongside their signature balls, Balls Of Fire Catering also offers a rainbow’s spectrum of sauces to accompany them. Sauces available come in many flavours from spicy to mild and from a rich Italian tomato sauce to a classic spicy Red Curry sauce.


Balls Of Fire Catering is available to cater for events such as birthday party, seminar and family gathering, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Hotdog Beef at RM 6 per pax
Hotdog Chicken at RM 6 per pax
Baa Baa Lamb Meatballs at RM 16 per pax
Classic Beef Balls at RM 16 per pax
Falafel Balls at RM 16 per pax
Great Balls Of Fire at RM 16 per pax
Strongbow Cider Combo at RM 22 per pax

Service Area

Balls Of Fire Catering’s service area covers the whole Klang Valley while it is usually based in Bukit Bintang

Services Provided

Food Delivery
Full Setup
Self Pick-up
Pre-packed Meals