Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Event type : Birthday Party, Corporate Party, Gathering
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Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant was first established in South Korea, in 1997 – has become one of the leading event space for traditional Korean food in town. To introduce authentic Korean cuisines in other parts of the world, they have selected Malaysia as their first destination and opened their first international branch in KL in 2009; and 2012 where their second branch in Malaysia was opened in Sri Petaling – in order to introduce our food more broadly to local people. Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant mainly serves BBQ – beef, chicken and pork as BBQ is the signature food people would imagine when it comes to Korean Food. Moreover, they have various types of soup such as Kimchi Soup, Beef Rib Soup and Bulgogi for more variety. From mild to spicy, they have food that is suitable for all age groups to serve customers with different preference in one place.

Event Space

Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is exceptional and unlike the traditional-conventional setting of a Korean event space as their well-designed placement of furniture varies for various events – round wooden tables for large-scale event and square tables for smaller-scale events. The event space has the BBQ placements on each of their tables as they’re done on electric grill that’s super convenient and save you the jolt as the waiter no longer needs to bring a hot pot scorching coal or take the pot away at the end of the meal. Air-conditioned and plenty of indoor seating available for guests to choose from.


Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is definitely a suitable event space to host events such as a birthday party, gathering with friends or family, farewell party, anniversary dinner and other social events that can seat up to a capacity of 80 pax.


Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant is in Sri Petaling and positioned behind CIMB Wealth Advisors and directly next to Femini Hair Saloon. Street parking is available around the area; but you could also save time to park in the car park building.