FJ Cafe Miri

Event type : Farewell Party, Gathering, Lunch Party
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FJ Cafe Miri

FJ Cafe Miri is a neighbourhood cafe in Miri that serves comfort food and drinks to their guests. At this event space, you can expect drool worthy meals especially with their main courses. The team at FJ Cafe Miri ensures that their food is always served fresh. This event space serves Muslim food, traditional Boreo food as well as Malay, Chinese and Western food. One of the crowds favourite would have to be their flavourful grilled chicken chop and their Mee Kolok which is a local delicacy in Sarawak. FJ Cafe Miri is well known for their reasonable prices as well as their impeccable customer service. Their house speciality also includes their delicious Nasi Bajet Wawa. Guests are allowed to pick their own seafood from the individual tanks at this cafe and have it cooked in any style that they wish to have. FJ Cafe Miri definitely has a menu offering with something for everyone, for sure.

Event Space

The interior design of FJ Cafe Miri has a very simplistic vibe to it. This event space is well lit but natural sunlight still fills up the place during the day. FJ Cafe Miri event space brings you warmth and maximum relaxation with the fragrant smell of their local delicacies throughout the whole cafe. Guests have an option of dining inside or outside.


FJ Cafe Miri’s event space is great for guests who would like to walk in and dine or even for small events like a birthday party, a gathering, or even a corporate lunch and dinner. FJ Cafe Miri aims to provide food and drinks with great quality to all of their guests. This cafe is also a popular hangout spot among the locals. Not only that, the team at FJ Cafe Miri specializes in catering and food handling services. This event space can take up to 50 pax.


FJ Cafe Miri event space is located at Jalan Fragrans in Miri, Sarawak. A nearby landmark to get to this cafe would be AM Bank which is just behind this cafe. Be sure to look out for the striking sign board on top of this restaurant. Parking lots are easy to find even on weekends, so fret not about going around in circles trying to look for a parking spot!