Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara

Event type : Birthday Party, Corporate Dinner, Dinner Party, Lunch Party
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Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara

An Izakaya is a type of Japanese establishment that serves food to accompany the drinks. In Japan, an izakaya is a casual place for after-work drinking. This would be akin to a pub or a tapas bar. Ichiban Izakaya seeks to bring that informal atmosphere of a Japanese izakaya to the Klang Valley, to help give its patrons a place to relax after a long day of work.


Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara serves favourite Japanese fares and the iconic Japanese beer brand, Kirin Ichiban but with a twist. Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara serves the revolutionary Kirin Frozen Beer in Malaysia. This is a new draught product created by using a brand new dispenser which adds a whipped and frozen beer top to the original Kirin Ichiban beer. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Event Venue

The decor at Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara is contemporary and designed to have events and functions in mind. There’s even a stage inside Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara, so that you can have a platform to stand and present in front of your guests if you were to have a function there. Icy-cold Kirin Frozen beer (or sake & whiskies if you so desire) and good Japanese food would make an compelling call to have your corporate dinner or function at IIchiban Izakaya Kota Damansara.


Ichiban Izakaya Kota Damansara is located at Cascades Kota Damansara, Mitraland’s new corporate headquarters. It’s located just off the New Klang Valley Expressway or you could access it via Tropicana if you are coming from PJ South and Jalan Surian if you are coming from Bandar Utama.