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Jodylicious Cakes

A beautiful custom made cake is so much more than just the sum of its ingredients, brought together, baked, fancily covered in icing then decorated with bits and pieces of miscellaneous edible and inedible items. At Jodylicious Cakes, a custom cake is made to be an intimate gesture, a symbol and a sign that memorialises the happening of an important event that has occurred in life that is worth celebrating. Such a symbolic piece of art, gives a message beyond words that embodies the well wishes and sincere feelings of one person to another. The mastermind behind Jodylicious Cakes, Jody Cheok, has been making dazzling custom cakes for more than 2 years of experience now which adds to her skill and abilities that have yet to disappoint. Jodylicious Cakes is able to provide their services for almost any private event, including birthday party, wedding, anniversary dinner, company dinner, product launch, cultural festival celebration and many others.

Event Service

Jodylicious Cakes is able to construct customs cakes from scratch, all the while incorporating the thoughts and wishes of the customer into the design and production of the cake. Normally featuring artistic sculptures in the middle, Jodylicious Cakes have managed to assemble cakes revolving around a myriad of different themes such as Lego, Star Wars, Pokemon, animals and many other popular themes revolving from the media. The custom cakes also come in different forms other than the traditional cake, such as cupcakes.

Service Area

Jodylicious Cakes is based in Kuantan, Pahang, and may be able to cater their services to the whole of Pahang as well as some surrounding areas.