Koko Cafe Kuantan

Event type : Kids Party, Meet Ups, Tea Party
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Koko Cafe Kuantan

Koko Cafe Kuantan is an elegant and graceful chocolate cafe which serves homemade dessert and cake, including ice cream, waffle, macaroni and more. Dome Chocolate cake, their signature dish here is delicious as guests can enjoy a strong pure chocolate taste and feel its exquisite taste. Koko Cafe Kuantan is also providing high tea set with sandwich, dessert and a pot of tea. One set of high tea set is only RM75, and it’s suitable for 2-3 persons to enjoy. Apart from dessert, they also offer western meal, eg. spaghetti, but it is only served from 12 noon to 3pm. As it’s a beautiful cafe with beautiful pastry, so guests can have a birthday celebration here because they can take a beautiful photo with a tasteful cafe.

Event Space

If you like to go to a classic and vintage cafe to enjoy your high tea or dessert, you will like Koko Cafe Kuantan as it’s really an awesome event space. It’s a gracious event space with white theme decoration and make it looks quite exclusive. The interior design is simple and cosy with marble dining table and soft cushion seat. Furthermore, they also playing English jazz songs and brings a peaceful romantic ambience.


If you are a huge fan of chocolate and dessert, Koko Cafe Kuantan is a great choice as it is one of the famous cafe in Kuantan. It’s a comfy event space for customers to slow down the tempo while enjoying a dessert. Consequently, this cafe is suitable for hosting gathering with friends, farewell party or even dessert party. It can accommodate events up to 50 pax with no discomfort.


Koko Cafe Kuantan is located at Jalan Air Putih, Kuantan. It’s easy to locate because it’s the opposite of Petronas Air Putih and beside Cafe 90 Degree. Parking spaces are easily available as there are plenty of parking lots beside the street.