Ruyi & Lyn

Event type : Alumni Party, Corporate Dinner, Corporate Party, Dance Party, Dinner Party, Fashion Shows, Mini Concert, Product Launch, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Venue
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Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn is a part lounge, part fine dining Asian restaurant, part dance hall after the dinner crowd disperses and all round funky event space that has certainly set a lot of tongues wagging not only about their event space but also about their food. The head chef of Ruyi & Lyn already has created a signature sushi dish of miniature nasi lemak, chicken rice and mango sticky rice rolls that has left KLites singing its praises.

Event Space

Apart from the main dining hall which comes with a grand stage and a very impressive (and very expensive) Yamaha sound system that fills every corner of the 22,000 square feet space with perfectly synced beats, Ruyi & Lyn has three private dining rooms. They also have a sophisticated lighting system that can emulate a starry night to give you an impression that you are dining under the stars. Ruyi & Lyn can accommodate up to 250 pax in its event space.


Ruyi & Lyn is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Bangsar is an ever popular destination for diners. The easy access to it via major roads like Jalan Damansara or Jalan Bangsar and it’s near mid point location between the further reaches of KL and PJ all points to Bangsar as a popular meeting place. Parking is available within Bangsar Shopping Centre.