t6 Lightbox Rooftop Event Space

Event type : Annual Dinner, Product Launch, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Venue
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t6 Lightbox Rooftop Event Space

The whole building in which t6 Lightbox Rooftop Event Space is housed at, looks like a red brick industrial warehouse. You would be forgiven to think that you have just encountered a New York like warehouse here in the Klang Valley. The event space is air conditioned and has a good vantage point of the surrounding area since it’s on the top floor of the building. Catering options are available with this event space from several caterers. This is an event space that is bound to be an instagrammer’s wet dream as it oozes contemporary charm at almost every corner of the development.

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Specials on VMO

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Prices are inclusive of full set of
– buffet line table
– roll top buffet set up
– elegant & stainless steel ware
– servitettes
– artificial flowers set up
– buffet line servers
– transport within PJ & KL

Forever Buffet Package – RM53+ Per Pax
Minimum 100 Pax

Free : Olive Herb Rice & Detox Water

Carbs X 1
Classic Chicken X 2 (Additional RM2/pax to upgarde to Deluxe Chicken)
Seafood X 1
Side X 1
Vegetables X 1
Dessert X 1
Beverages X 2

Eternal Buffet Package – RM63+ Per Pax
Minimum 100 Pax

Free : Olive Herb Rice & Detox Water

Carbs X 1
Classic Chicken X 2 (Additional RM2/pax to upgarde to Deluxe Chicken)
Seafood X 1
Side X 2
Vegetables X 2
Dessert X 2
Beverages X 2

Infinity Buffet Package – RM84+ Per Pax
Minimum 100 Pax

Free : Olive Herb Rice & Detox Water

Carbs X 1
Classic Chicken X 2 (Additional RM2/pax to upgarde to Deluxe Chicken)
Seafood X 1
Premium Meat X 1
Side X 2
Vegetables X 2
Dessert X 3
Beverages X 3

Authenthic Nasi Biryani (120g)
Healthy Brown Rice (120g)
Mashed Potato with Gravy (120g)
Nasi Goreng Kampung (120g)
Nasi Kunyit (120g)
Nasi Putih Daun Pandan ( 120g)
Nasi Tomato (120g)
Olive Herb Rice (120g)
Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken Squares (120g)
Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese (120g)
Steam White Rice (120g)
Teaffani’s Mee Goreng Mamak (120g)
Teaffani’s Nasi Lemak Daun Pandan (120g)
Teaffani’s Fried Mee Hoon (120g)
Teaffani’s Fried Rice (120g)

Asian Steamed Chicken with Ginger (70g)
Ayam Goreng Berempah (70g)
Ayam Masak Kunyit (70g)
Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api (70g)
Deep Fried Marinated Chicken (70g)
Fiery Curry Chicken (70g)
Kam Heong Chicken (70g)
Oriental Style Buttered Chicken with Egg Floss (70g)
Roasted BBQ Sesame Chicken (70g)
Sweet Sour Chicken (70g)

Classic Chicken Rendang (70g)
Ayam Masak Merah (70g)
Grilled Chicken Breast With Black Pepper Gravy (70g)
Grilled Mexicana Chicken with Mixed Vegetable and Homemade

Grilled Leg Of Lamb with Potato Wedges, Rosemary Brown Sauce (70g)
Authenthic Beef Rendang (70g)
Succulent Roated Duck(70g)
Butter Sauce with Deep Fried Fish Fillet (70g)

Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Red Cajun Sauce (70g)
Johor Style Asam Pedas (70g)
Kam Heong Fish Fillet Spicy (70g)
Mixed Seafood Kam Heong Style Spicy (70g)
Oriental Style Buttered Fish Fillet (70g)
Portuguese Fish Fillet (70g)
Seafood Masak Lemak Cili Api (70g)
Sotong Asam Pedas (70g)
Sotong Masak Kicap Berempah (70g)
Sweet Sour Fish Fillet (70g)

Asian Fry Bean Sprout with Chinese Chives (70g)
Ceasar Salad (40g)
Deepfried Beancurd with Thai Sauce (50g)
Egg Drop Japanese Tofu (3 Portions)
Eggplant and Carrot Sambal (60g)
Garlic Butter Seasonal Veges (60g)
International Salad with Dressing (40g)
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables (60g)
Roasted Tomatoes & Mushroom with Herbs (60g)
Sayur Goreng Kunyit (50g)
Sayur Masak Lemak Chili Api (40g)
Stir Fry French Bean (60g)
Stir Fry Long Bean (60g)
Tangy Potato Salad (70g)
Tangy Potato Salad with Chicken Squares (70g)

Broccoli Cream Soup
Chicken Frankfurter with In House Sauce (2 pcs)
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Deep Fried Japanese Chicken Dumplings with Marmite Dip (1.5 pcs)
Deep Fried Potato Wedges with Dip (80g)
Deep Fried Sweet Potato Fried (100g)
Deep Fried Vegetarian Samosa with Thai Sauce (1.5 pcs)
Fried Spring Rolls with Thai Sauce (1.5 pcs)
Golden Fried Chicken Nuggets with Chili Sauce (2 pcs)
Pumpkin Cream Soup
Signature Curry Puffs (1.5 pcs)
Steamed Dim Sum Siew Mai (1.5 pcs)

Assorted Tropical Fruits (80g)
Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce (1.3 pcs)
Bubur Jagung (90ml)
Deep Fried Glutionous Rice Balls (80g)
Malay Nyonya Kuih (1 pcs)
Mini Carrot Walnut Cakes (1.5 pcs)
Mini Chocolate Brownies (1.5 pcs)
Mini Red Velvet Cake (1.5 pcs)
Rice Balls in Lemongrass Soup (100ml)

Mango Cordial
Orange Cordial
Hot Tea
Hot Coffee
Hot Tea Tarik

Availability & Rates

Venue Rental Includes:
* Basic PA system (hanging speakers, 2 projectors and 2 screens,
2 wireless microphones).
* Air conditioning
* Usage of our facilities (Make up lounge, Changing room, Food prep room, Waiting room, Male and Female washroom).
* Meeting/Dining Room.
* 12ft×20ft Stage.
* Above 400 free parking bays.

Other Charges Includes:
1) Non-refundable RM300 cleaning fee.
2) Refundable RM3,000 security deposit.

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.

Wedding Set Up


The t6 Lightbox Rooftop Event Space is a space capable of accommodating up to 450 pax for buffet dinner events, or 550 pax if it’s a theatre setting. It is suitable to host a grand birthday party, a large 100 day celebration for a baby, an alumni gathering , serve as a wedding venue or even a wedding banquet. It would also be a suitable event space for corporate events like a fashion show, product launch, seminar, cocktail party or an awards night.


The t6 Lightbox Rooftop Event Space is located just off the Sungei Buloh NKVE exit, along the road that leads to the government hospital. Access is easy via the LDP, the main Sungei Buloh road and especially the NKVE. Just get off the interchange that leads to the Sungai Buloh Hospital, and the t6 Mall is just 1 km away from the hospital. There is ample parking in the area, with 400 parking bays in the basement of the mall. Additionally there are some parking parking bays on the ground level as well.