Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara

Event type : Birthday Party, Corporate Party, Meet Ups
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Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara

Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara does not take beer lightly. It is very serious business for them. They offer pilsners, IPAs, APAs, porters, stout and other beer styles from all over the world. If you are in need of an event space where beer is paramount, then this is the event space for you.

Event Space

Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara has a modern semi industrial look with lots of glass and steel surrounding their event space. They also have an outside dining and drinking area that you might find to useful for your guests who like to remain outside. They also have a mezzanine level which will give you a slightly higher vantage point. Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara is suitable for meet ups, gathering of old friends, reunions and birthday parties where beer is going to be utmost on the agenda. Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara can accommodate up to about 80 pax.


Taps Beer Bar Mont Kiara is located at 1 Mont Kiara, this expat neighbourhood’s suburban mall. Getting here is easy with access via the Sprint or DUKE or even the Penchala Link. The access into the parking in 1 Mont Kiara is a bit tight though, so do be careful when driving through it. If you are driving a bigger car, we would suggest parking opposite at Plaza Mont Kiara.