The Acre Wedding Hall Puchong

Event type : Wedding Dinner, Wedding Venue
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The Acre Wedding Hall Puchong

A wedding is the time of a lifetime. It’s a joyous event where family members, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the new chapter of a couple’s life. Everyone would like to have a beautiful and memorable wedding celebration to look back in their future. Undoubtedly, planning a wedding requires a tremendous amount of effort, time and resources. Fret not, The Acre Wedding Hall Puchong now offers a full wedding package, a solution to ease the difficulty of putting together an unforgettable lifetime event. This comprehensive wedding package is inclusive of food, equipment, manpower and other elements needed to complete a wonderful wedding.

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Event Space

The Acre Wedding Hall Puchong is a large, spacious and grand space, able to sit up to 500 pax. It covers a huge area, making it suitable for almost any function with a long guest list.


Although The Acre Wedding Hall specializes in wedding celebrations, it is actually versatile enough to host other large events such as company functions, product launches, convocations and many others.

The Wedding Package

The wedding package at The Acre Wedding Hall is priced at RM19,999 for 500 pax. The package includes food and beverages, pelamin and hall rental.

Makanan Tetamu

Nasi Arab/ Briyani/ Minyak/ Hujan Panas (80%)
Nasi Putih (20%)
Ayam Masak Merah/ Goreng Berempah/ Palembang
Daging Masak Hitam/ Rendang
Dalca Sayur
Acar Jelatah/ Salad + Timun
Buah (Oren Sunkist)
Air Kordial/ Sirap Pandan/ Sirap Limau
Air Minuman

Dessert Stall

Teh Tarik (1 cambro besar)
Kuih (300 pcs) – 50% manis & 50% pedas

Makanan Meja Beradap (8 pax)

Ikan Siakap Terbang 3 Rasa
Ayam Percik
Sotong Goreng Tepung
Udang Berhias

Set Dome

4 buah DOME

Kelengkapan VIP

Pinggan Porcelain
Cup & Saucer

Kelengkapan Tetamu

Semua item adalah dari melamine
Glass kaca, cup & saucer melamine

Kelengkapan Meja Beradap (8 pax)

Pinggan Porcelain


10 orang waiter + 1 Event Coordinator

Pelengkap Majlis

1 set Meja Beradap + Kerusi Pengantin (Putih) termasuk 6 Chavari Chair
2 Buffet Stations untuk Menu Utama
2 Stall Stations untuk Desserts & Noodles
6 Meja Bulat + Alas Damas (VIP/ DOME)
28 Meja Viking di dalam dewan termasuk 224 Chavari chair
10 Meja bulat + 80 Chavari chair (dalam dewan)
4 Meja bulat + (Dessert area)
1 Alas + Meja doorgift
1 Alas + Meja kek + skirting + scallop
1 Alas + Meja hadiah

Sudut Hiburan

1 set Basic PA system
1 Rostrum


1 set Pelamin
Walkway 6x
Aksesori Pelamin
Deco meja beradap

Our Facilities

Surau lelaki/ perempuan
Holding room
Tandas lelaki/ perempuan
Free parking

Availability & Rates

*The rate published below is good for 500 pax*

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.