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Service type : Cake, Dessert, Gifts & Premiums
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Cakes by Panaderia

Every successful event held leaves an impression on its guests, even after it ends and the curtain falls. For some, it may be wonderful memories or new friends but it could also be in the form of small, sweet tokens in the form of souvenirs which remind them of that pleasant experience. Cakes by Panaderia is a well established service provider in producing such tokens and has been doing so since 2012. They are particularly well known for beautiful wedding cakes and custom cakes which are both aesthetic and gastronomic pleasures! Cakes by Panaderia also has an impressive menu of delicious baked goods for events.

Event Service

Cakes by Panaderia specialises in creating commemorative and gift pieces in the shape of hampers, door gifts, personalised souvenirs and other goodies! They are also a bakery and as such, Cakes by Panaderia is fully equipped and able to create unique desserts and symbols such as the iconic wedding cake as well as novel candy buffet and other decadent additions to private events. Cakes by Panaderia also offer custom cakes such as birthday cupcakes and themed birthday cakes. With a vast variety of options available, the event service can tailor each order to fit the theme, size and budget of private events.

Service Area

Cakes by Panaderia is based in Kuantan, Pahang and their service area extends throughout the state.