Cyberview Resort & Spa

Event type : Alumni Party, Annual General Meeting (AGM), Association Dinners, Association Meetings, Bachelor party, Birthday Party, Conference, Corporate Dinner, Corporate Family Day, Corporate Meeting, Corporate Party, Corporate Retreat, Dinner Party, Full Moon Party, Pre-Wedding Party, Press Conference, Seminar, Team Building, Wedding Dinner, Wedding Party, Wedding Venue, Workshops
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The Cyberview Lodge at Cyberjaya

The Cyberview Lodge or what is known as Cyberview Resort & Spa now, once housed the MDeC offices during CyberJaya’s early years. Cyberview Lodge was later converted into the Cyberview Resort & Spa that it is today. Situated just minutes from the hub of activities in Cyberjaya, Cyberview Resort & Spa is just far enough that it sits in a fairly quiet part of Cyberjaya, it’s an ideal location for holding events in Cyberjaya.

Event Venue

The Cyberview Lodge or Cyberview Resort & Spa has played host to numerous private and corporate events such as wedding dinners, outdoor weddings, product launches, press conferences, workshops and meetings. With their lush green lawn, Cyberview Resort & Spa has played host to many garden weddings and they have a wedding organisation team just catered for that. It is also a popular place for meetings as it’s away from the city but still very easy to get to.


One could even argue that the Cyberview Resort & Spa a very good event location for Kuala Lumpur, as it’s just less than 30 minutes from the KL city centre via the Maju Expressway, next to the federal administrative centre at Putrajaya and less than 20 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Cyberjaya doesn’t have traffic and parking problems, which makes getting to the Cyberview Resort & Spa very easy.